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Climate justice for the indigenous people of Peru

Representatives from nearly two hundred countries are gathering in Lima, Peru this week for the annual United Nations climate summit. This Latin American Conference of the Parties (COP) presents an opportunity to raise awareness about the impacts of climate change on the indigenous peoples of the Peruvian Amazon and the context in which they are […]

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Climate change in Peru: indigenous impacts and solutions

The climate negotiations currently taking place Lima will have an impact on the future of many Peruvian citizens. Indigenous communities and those living in voluntary isolation are already facing the burden of increasing climate variability. Climate change is affecting the most basic and critical stuff of life for indigenous people: food, water, health; women are […]

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What LEDs in Lima tell us about climate action

I arrived in Lima on Saturday morning for the COP20 UN climate negotiations and went directly to my hotel for a 12-hour WWF preparatory meeting, to get into the spirit of the event. One of the key issues we discussed is how we come to terms with the gap between the contribution to emissions reductions […]

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