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#StrongerTogether4Climate at G20

 (C)LichtBlick/WWF  Climate action is expected to be a key point of discussion at the annual G20 Summit. The meeting is in Hamburg, Germany on 7-8 July, 2017. Critical time for global climate leadership This year’s G20 Summit comes at a critical time, when the world has the first global plan to address climate change in […]

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World moves ahead on Paris Agreement

The world is at a crossroads in its fight against dangerous climate change. In the face of  US President Trump’s announced intention to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, countries and other actors could have decided to reduce and delay climate efforts. Or conversely, they can continue efforts to fully implement the Paris Agreement and accelerate […]

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Paris Agreement: 1 year after COP21

The Paris Agreement on climate change was adopted a year ago today, in Paris, at COP21. It is essentially a plan to save our planet from the worst impacts of climate change and build a sustainable future for humanity. It was a historic agreement, made all the more remarkable by the momentum for climate action […]

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Paris Agreement: taking it forward

Less than a year ago, 197 countries came together for the first time to deliver a universal climate Paris Agreement. And with it, a promise to work together to limit global temperature rise to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. Today, that agreement becomes the law of the planet — entered into force almost […]

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