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What LEDs in Lima tell us about climate action

I arrived in Lima on Saturday morning for the COP20 UN climate negotiations and went directly to my hotel for a 12-hour WWF preparatory meeting, to get into the spirit of the event. One of the key issues we discussed is how we come to terms with the gap between the contribution to emissions reductions […]

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Green Climate Fund: the glass is half full

With $7.5 billion now committed to the GCF, the Fund is halfway to the goal of $15 billion for its initial resource mobilisation. A final push this week can top it up. It’s been a remarkable few weeks for global climate diplomacy – if not quite yet for the global climate. Last Wednesday, much of […]

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How the IPCC report sealed the deal for energy security

Energy security is seriously important to human societies – not just for resource sufficiency reasons, but also for economic competitiveness, sovereignty of supply and integrity of energy provisioning. The most recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) shows that climate change presents increasing risks and vulnerabilities to energy production and delivery… and […]

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Sam Smith People's Climate March

People power has spoken. Governments, it’s your turn

Six-hundred thousand people marched in the streets for climate justice. One-hundred and twenty heads of state came together to act on climate change. My 16-year-old daughter inspired me with her strength and activism. And at last, we have understood that we must stand together to beat climate change. The People’s Climate March in September was […]

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Walrus hauling

What climate change looks like for walruses

For people who have problems visualizing climate change, this is what it can look like in the Arctic – 35,000 walruses crowded onto an Alaskan beach, driven there by the loss of their preferred resting and feeding place on coastal ice. A similar scene is playing out on beaches across the Bering Strait in Russia. […]

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