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After COP23, time to join the dots

Momentum is a precious commodity in the climate talks. With the complexity of the negotiations, the enormous inertia working against progress, and the urgency of the need to reduce emissions, maintaining forward motion is vital. COP23, which concluded on Saturday, maintained that momentum. Credit goes to the Fijian presidency, for its focus on implementation and […]

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Cities and climate – what’s the connection?

For the first time in human history, over half of the world’s population lives in cities. And urban populations are expected to reach six billion by 2050! Cities and urban areas are also responsible for around 70% of global CO2 emissions, from energy consumption in buildings and transport, waste and water services, industrial processes – […]

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Climate change and an unpredictable Amazon

Climate change impacts go beyond sea-level rise. Inland areas unaffected by sea-level rise have instead been struck by increasingly extreme weather. Brazilian communities in the Amazon are struggling with flooding, high winds and drought. “Growing food here has become very difficult,” says Marlene Rêgo Rocha. “The wet season strikes too early—and evermore strongly—and there is not enough time to plant and harvest anything.” Rocha, […]

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The future of breakfast is not guaranteed

A cup of coffee, a glass of orange juice, toast with Nutella, and a banana: the elements of a spread that may be found at any number of breakfast tables. A WWF report, The Calm Before the Storm, is urging us to reconsider the complacency with which we treat the daily staples of our diets. Such a breakfast […]

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