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A global energy transition is happening; let’s make it just, fair and equitable

By Santiago Lorenzo We are in the throes of a global energy transition, and a new WWF report called Signals of the Global Energy Transition highlights the unstoppable long-term trend. This energy transition, as with many other historical transitions, is based in the change in market forces due to technological innovations. We are witnessing a […]

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Leaders must step up action on new climate and development goals as they sign Paris Agreement in New York this week

By Sandeep Chamling Rai and Sven Harmeling Scaled up national actions are essential to limit global warming to 1.5°C and to overcome poverty through the coordinated and immediate implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement (PA). Information is emerging almost daily that increases our understanding of the growing impacts of climate change, […]

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Office blocks lit up at night in Hong Kong, China

From Paris to New York: how cities show the potential for ambitious climate action

By Jennifer Lenhart, Jeet Mistry and Carina Borgström-Hansson After years of disappointment and debate, in December 2015, countries did something remarkable: they came together to achieve the Paris Climate Agreement. This week nations will again gather in New York to sign the Agreement, pledging to take the next, urgent steps to address the climate crisis. […]

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Coal is a climate killer, whatever its efficiency

The argument that high-efficiency coal-fired power plants are a viable solution for reducing CO2 emissions, the main cause of climate change, is still defended with vigour by the coal industry – and by governments that have a stake in the coal industry, in particular Japan, Germany, South Korea, Australia and Poland. Japan even goes as […]

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Increased forest ambition key to meeting temperature targets

By Josefina Braña-Varela Next week’s signing of the Paris Agreement is an important moment for reflection. The agreement itself is a remarkable demonstration of global collaboration and compromise, and the aspirations it contains provide a good foundation for the transformative work that lies ahead. What has been accomplished to date is a critical step, providing […]

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Let’s make climate history on April 22

By Samantha Smith Remember this number: 1.5 degrees. That’s the upper limit for global warming that our governments will try to stay under, as agreed at the global climate negotiations in Paris last year. Everything all of us do from this point on will be measured against it. Getting this agreement was a big achievement […]

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(Natural) power to Morocco

By Zineb ALAOUI MDAGHRI  Morocco is setting the pace in Africa with its ambition and the speed of implementation of its renewable energy programme. It is the most ambitious country in the entire Middle East and North African region (MENA) and, with South Africa, is it leading renewable energy development on the continent. Morocco imports […]

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