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Renewable energy: it can be done

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Wind power

In the past six months, the world has seen record after record be broken by renewable energy – clean power from the water, wind and sun.

The world has changed. The world is changing as you read this. The world of clean, renewable energy has transformed in a matter of months and years.

Renewable energy and improving how we use energy is core to global leaders acting onclimate change. Renewable energy is core to ensuring sustainable energy access for all. We must be reducing energy use, making energy use more efficient, and transitioning our power sources to renewable energy.

This can be done.

We need hard, tangible energy commitments in four weeks at the UN Climate Summit in September, called by the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon – who, himself, has called on governments and institutions to be the change we need to see on financing better, renewable energy sources.

The energy infrastructure in place by 2017 may define the world’s path on climate change. The investment decisions made this year and next will make or break the type of energy infrastructure we live with – and the climate change that comes with that.

WWF calls on governments to increase investment in renewable energy drastically – through sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, and policy. Governments must also phase out investments in coal, oil and gas in the same way.

This – too – can be done.

May leading nations continue to raise the bar, and may others join in changing the course of the world.

It starts in New York in September. Join the global effort here.

Zoe Caron is the co-author of Global Warming for Dummies and a senior campaigner for WWF’s global investment campaign Seize Your Power.

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    Wind power must be promoted in order minimize coal and fossil fuels production. However, nation leaders doesn’t have that political will to impose it especially in developing countires. We should develop our high altitude wind power to create more energy.

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