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COP19 – Warsaw, Poland

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Warsaw National Stadium, PolandWarsaw National Stadium, Poland

With only 50 days of negotiations left for world leaders to produce a new global climate agreement in 2015, every day needs to count, inclulding the next two weeks where governments will meet in Warsaw, Poland. The meeting is important because it paves the way to a critical meeting in Lima next year and then in Paris in 2015, where a new global climate deal is set to be agreed.

With little time left to act, governments aren’t doing enough to address the problem. The world is alarmingly far from an emissions reductions pathway that would limit dangerous climate change.

Unfortunately, climate and energy policy is currently driven almost entirely by the vested interests of fossil fuel companies and not by what is good for the planet and good for humanity. We know that most of the pollution that causes climate change comes from burning fossil fuels. We must quit fossil fuels and have a just transition to clean renewable energy.

It won’t happen fast enough without governments, who need to send clear policy signals to investors. That’s why WWF is calling on investors and financiers around the world to end their support for coal, oil and gas and to increase investments in sustainable, renewable energy, including energy access for the poor.

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