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Renewable energy sketch

Let Latin America’s clean energy revolution begin!

The Latin American and Caribbean has one of the richest sources of natural renewable energy in the world. It boasts enormous potential for non-conventional renewable energy. In fact, it is estimated that if the region exploited just a tiny fraction of its non-hydro renewable capability, it could meet the energy demands of the region’s growing […]

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Latin America: a new hot spot for renewable energy

Latin America is the new frontier for clean and sustainable energy. In 2013, Latin America attracted about US$16 billion of investment in the clean energy sector, representing over seven per cent of total global investments in renewable energy. Decreasing technology costs and increasingly supportive policies in the clean energy field have allowed the region to […]

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Climate justice for the indigenous people of Peru

Representatives from nearly two hundred countries are gathering in Lima, Peru this week for the annual United Nations climate summit. This Latin American Conference of the Parties (COP) presents an opportunity to raise awareness about the impacts of climate change on the indigenous peoples of the Peruvian Amazon and the context in which they are […]

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Energy access, development and decarbonisation

One of my operating theories about the benefit of the UN is not that it is brilliantly efficient at creating international treaties (sorry to burst your bubble on that one) but rather the opposite – the long, slow grind of thousands of negotiators meeting regularly to hash through minutiae is the world’s biggest intercultural exchange […]

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Climate change in Peru: indigenous impacts and solutions

The climate negotiations currently taking place Lima will have an impact on the future of many Peruvian citizens. Indigenous communities and those living in voluntary isolation are already facing the burden of increasing climate variability. Climate change is affecting the most basic and critical stuff of life for indigenous people: food, water, health; women are […]

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A climate revolution: happening everywhere but the UN climate negotiations

There’s a revolution going on outside the halls of the UN’s COP 20 climate change talks in Lima, Peru. Industry is taking action on climate change. People are taking to the streets. The weather is changing. Yesterday, the World Meteorological Organization announced that 2014 is tracking to be the hottest year on record. Ever. But […]

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