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Cleantech is coming of age

After two centuries of burning fossil fuels and emitting greenhouse gases at an exponentially increasing rate, the earth’s climate is changing. Human-induced warming is disrupting a number of natural systems that we depend on. Predictions are that a temperature increase above 2°C is almost inevitable, and with that will come more extreme weather events, sea […]

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Ministers Missing in Action

Ministers from all countries have been invited to Bonn, Germany, today in conjunction with the regular UNFCCC negotiating sessions to discuss how to increase efforts to reduce emissions under the Kyoto Protocol. Tomorrow Ministers will discuss the negotiations for a new agreement for the post-2020 period, but today the discussion is about actions to close […]

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Can we invest in harmony with nature?

To act on climate change, the world must transition from coal, oil and gas to clean, renewable sources like solar and wind power. This energy infrastructure is in part defined by its initial investment capital. Energy can be funded by public money – from governments or institutions with government money like the World Bank with […]

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Mind the Science, Mind the Gap

The world can no longer turn a blind eye on the urgent calls of the scientific community to respond to the challenge of climate change. As the latest IPCC 5th Assessment Report clearly puts it, evidence exists to believe that over 95% of global warming is a consequence of human-caused greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The […]

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Crunch time for the Green Climate Fund

When Green Climate Fund (GCF) Board Members meet next week in Songdo in the Republic of Korea, they may have the distinct feeling of being watched. In fact, many eyes will be on this crucial meeting, because it could well determine the fate of what is widely seen as the central mechanism for supporting developing […]

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How the African Development Bank can change the world

“Humanity is waking up to the damage that fossil fuels inflict on our planet, and financial institutions are becoming aware of the economic unsustainability of our addiction to coal, oil and gas. This is taking place at a critical juncture, when investors’ decisions will affect our world for generations to come,” says Samantha Smith, leader […]

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Africa requires bold leadership to adapt to climate change

Last year, the World Bank, put out a series of reports extolling the growing danger of a warming world, saying many communities are already feeling the impacts of climate change today, and many people could experience the harsher impacts of a warmer world within our lifetimes. Africa is especially vulnerable to climate change and climate […]

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