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Office blocks lit up at night in Hong Kong, China

The true cost of China’s coal dependence

By Gao Hui China is at the forefront of the global energy movement. It is the world’s largest investor in renewable energy, and it has one of the most ambitious renewable energy targets, but it is still dependent on coal. Coal forms the backbone of development in China and it is also the chief culprit […]

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How do Danish pension funds rank on climate change?

WWF-Denmark assessed the 16 largest pension funds in Denmark in a recent study: Responsible for our Future? Danish pension funds and the climate change challenge. This report shows that, although there is an increasing trend towards greener investments, Denmark’s largest 16 pension funds continue to invest significantly in fossil fuels. As UN Secretary General Ban […]

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With 9.2 million employed by renewable energy, is the jobs myth finally bust?

By Dr Stephan Singer “Renewables will do close to nothing to contribute to overcoming unemployment.” “Renewables will create massive job losses in other industries.” “The present energy supply saves millions of jobs everywhere”. Sounds familiar, right? Many of us have heard these lines a zillion times in the past – and I am sure we […]

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Climate finance: How do we shift the trillions?

On Friday May 22, Climate Finance Day will be held in Paris. The trigger for the debate is “How to shift the trillions?” It is a question that recognizes that building a sustainable, low carbon future requires a change in all economic activities. It is not enough to simply have one dedicated and specialized fund […]

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