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Your money matters for the planet. Own it.

If you have a bank account, savings, a retirement savings plan, insurance, or a pension plan, you have a remarkable amount of power to change the world. A new video by WWF shows you how: When we put our money into accounts, banks use those funds to make investments. Those investments can be in coal, […]

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The real value of Arctic resources

As the annual Arctic Frontiers meeting starts in Tromso Norway, much of the talk and media coverage will once again be centred on Arctic resources. This is usually code for oil and gas development in the Arctic, and the potential geopolitical conflict over the exploitation of these resources. This focus is entirely misguided. The Arctic’s […]

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Renewable energy sketch

Let Latin America’s clean energy revolution begin!

The Latin American and Caribbean has one of the richest sources of natural renewable energy in the world. It boasts enormous potential for non-conventional renewable energy. In fact, it is estimated that if the region exploited just a tiny fraction of its non-hydro renewable capability, it could meet the energy demands of the region’s growing […]

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Latin America: a new hot spot for renewable energy

Latin America is the new frontier for clean and sustainable energy. In 2013, Latin America attracted about US$16 billion of investment in the clean energy sector, representing over seven per cent of total global investments in renewable energy. Decreasing technology costs and increasingly supportive policies in the clean energy field have allowed the region to […]

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