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Africa sets a high bar for climate action

Africa could lead the way in 2019 to a strong global response to the call at COP24, in Katowice, for updated and strengthened nationally determined contributions (NDCs) by 2020 to close the mitigation and adaptation gap. African countries met in Accra, Ghana in late March for the Africa Climate Week, with the theme “Climate Action […]

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Land of a thousand welcomes and zero carbon emissions

Two weeks ago, in Ireland, the ‘joint committee on climate action’ called for the country to reduce its carbon emissions to net-zero by 2050. The committee, which is comprised of politicians from across the political spectrum, have called for increased action across the board to tackle climate change. This represents a dramatic shift of ambitions […]

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Increased scale, scope and actions – hallmarks of climate ambition needed now

(c) Takvr/Flickr – People’s Climate March, Melbourne, Australia, September 2014 In many ways, the Paris Agreement is a masterpiece of international policymaking. Fueled by bottom-up pledges and peer pressure, rather than centralisation and compulsion, it forged international consensus, around a clear vision, on one of the most complex challenges of our time. . It has […]

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Cyclone Idai: Solidarity today and tomorrow

The post-Idia flood situation near the port city of Beira in the Sofala province of Mozambique on Tuesday, March 19, 2019 – by ESA Copernicus Sentinel For hundreds of millions of people across the developing world, Cyclone Idai is a terrifying portent of the future. In a warming world, extreme weather events such as Idai […]

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Voices on the streets: youth march for climate

Young people take to the streets in Perth to demand climate action (Photo credit: WWF/Paul Gamblin) The world’s youth has run out of patience. Across the planet, young people are organising online, walking out of school, taking to the streets, even going to the courts to try and force their elders to take seriously the […]

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At COP24, Paris proved its worth

It was a bruising two weeks at the UN climate talks (COP24) in Katowice, Poland. There were times when it seemed unlikely that we would get approval of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s 1.5°C report, a credible Paris Agreement rulebook, and a strong push for new, more ambitious national emissions targets, known as nationally […]

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Time for a new deal for nature and people

The statistics are sobering: in just two generations, the population sizes of vertebrates tracked in WWF’s benchmark Living Planet report have declined an average of 60 per cent. In a little over 40 years, humankind has had a devastating impact on the planet’s biodiversity, through habitat destruction, pollution and over-exploitation. No less than climate change, […]

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Counting on a good COP

Katowice, Poland, site of the upcoming UN climate talks (COP24). This year has brought many reasons for pessimism when it comes to climate change. Ever more stark warnings from climate scientists. Wildfires across California. And 2018 on course to be the fourth warmest year on record. But, as the latest round of the UN climate […]

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Inches & Eons: climate change at 1.5°C

An inch is a very short distance and an eon is a very long time.  Some might say that in terms of climate action the global community has moved mere inches in the eons we’ve known that human actions are warming our world.  So it is perhaps appropriate that next week the Intergovernmental Panel on […]

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