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With 9.2 million employed by renewable energy, is the jobs myth finally bust?

By Dr Stephan Singer “Renewables will do close to nothing to contribute to overcoming unemployment.” “Renewables will create massive job losses in other industries.” “The present energy supply saves millions of jobs everywhere”. Sounds familiar, right? Many of us have heard these lines a zillion times in the past – and I am sure we […]

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Climate finance: How do we shift the trillions?

On Friday May 22, Climate Finance Day will be held in Paris. The trigger for the debate is “How to shift the trillions?” It is a question that recognizes that building a sustainable, low carbon future requires a change in all economic activities. It is not enough to simply have one dedicated and specialized fund […]

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Can ships be part of the solution to climate change?

Excitement is building towards a new global agreement this year in Paris to control global pollution causing climate change, in an effort to keep global temperature increase and related climatic disruptions below a level that avoids the most dangerous impacts. Virtually all countries are expected to make commitments to reduce their emissions, and the major […]

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Dear Norway: please end coal investments

Big things happen when big money moves. Six global organizations have launched a worldwide petition, calling on the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund to end its investments in coal. Samantha Smith, Leader of WWF’s Global Climate and Energy Initiative, lives in Norway and hopes to see signatures from both Norwegians and people around the world. […]

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Sustainable energy access: from policy to the people

Clean, affordable and reliable energy access is one of the most important requisites for decent livelihoods, next to water and food. Unfortunately, our current energy system excludes a major portion of world’s population from this fundamental right. In several poor energy-importing countries, the high costs of fossil fuels now eat up more than 10% of […]

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China’s solar ambition: how the country is pushing for fossil-free

China’s National Energy Administration (NEA) recently released its annual plan of solar installation for 2015, encouragingly aiming for 17.8 GW. If it reaches its goal, it would be able to generate enough electricity to power the equivalent of 2.9 million US households – all through clean, renewable energy. This ambitious move is also not easy […]

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